Longer Walks

Our longer walks follow the "Grande Randonees" (GR) around NorthernTarn. These are signposted long distance walks which cover all of France. GR36 goes from Laquepie in the north of Tarn to Pic de Nore, a 1200 metre high mountain, in the south. The section from Laguepie to Albi is 55kms.

GR46 starts in Cordes and links the hilltop villages of Castelnau, Puycelsi, Bruniquel and Penne which surround Itzac before heading into Tarn et Garonne. The section from Cordes to Penne is 70 kms.


The chateau at Penne

We can do a number of longer loops (click on the route to see a map)

Vaour - Penne - Vaour (22.9 KM)

Itzac - Castelnau - Itzac (27.4 km)

Itzac - Cordes - Itzac (26.8 km)

All the walks have breathtaking views as you move from the river valleys to high ridges, go through oak forests and pass vineyards. You can choose how far you want to go each day, but you are never more than a 20 minute drive from base camp at the gite.